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Auburn Hills has had some very wet months, but with humidity, temperatures feel cold in the middle of the year. The wettest month is December (70.7%), the least humid is February (60.5%) and March (59.6%). Summer is warm in Auburn Hills, winter is icy, dry and windy, and it is partly cloudy all year round. In summer, the temperature is in the upper 60s to mid 70s with a high humidity of about 80%.

If you are looking for dry weather, it is February, January and then December, but the fewest snowfalls are in February (2.5%), March (1.6%) and April (0.2%).

The Clear Part of the Year at Auburn Hills starts on May 30 and lasts five months and ends on October 31. The growing season at Augusta Hills rarely starts from April 5 to May 10 and ends between October 5 and November 13. It usually lasts from May 1 to June 30, with the fewest snowfalls in the first two months.

The cold season lasts 3-3 months and the snowy period of the year lasts 4-8 months, with the fewest snowfalls in the first two months. Snowfall is usually in the winter months of March to April and then in the summer months of May and June.

Highs range from 77 to 4C during the summer months, with highs in the mid-to-mid-80s and low 90s. The daytime highs will be between 70 and 80 degrees, but it will feel cool given the humidity and wind.

Friday will be mostly cloudy from 1am, with highs of 24 degrees, dropping to 14 degrees by Sunday evening. Snow or freezing rain is expected until 10am on Saturday, with highs of 41 degrees during the day. Temperatures rise in the afternoon, so the snow stops and it drizzles, but in the late afternoon and evening the rain returns. There is a slight chance of snow on Saturday and early Sunday morning before temperatures drop below 14 degrees on Sunday and below 24 degrees on Monday, below 20 degrees again on Sunday and into the mid-20s on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The first spring blooms in Auburn Hills will appear in late January or early February, based on the daily growth rate alone, though they may not appear until late March or even early April. In California and other states, demand is so high that there are delays, but in fact the launch in Michigan is expected to take place on January 1, coinciding with dry January.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Auburn Hills, the hottest months are July, August and then June. June and August are the busiest seasons for tourism on Auburn Hill, so overnight stays and other accommodations can cost more than usual. On December 17th, when the fresh powder is deep, there is often a good chance to ski, but you are not allowed to ski until late January or early February, if at all.

The sky is mid-to-upper 60s, with a high of about 70 degrees and a low of about 35 degrees. Skies will be above 60 degrees Celsius for most of the Auburn Hills, but not as high as the upper and lower 60s.

Weather stations are reporting large, sometimes deep amounts of snow in some parts of the Auburn Hills and the upper Michigan peninsula. The 28th is a good day for rain and thunderstorms in late May and early June, with a high of about 60 degrees and a low of about 35 degrees.

The last heavy snowfall was in mid-November on the Upper Peninsula, when the accumulation was about 1.5 inches. In 2013, excessive amounts of snow demolished parts of the antiquated roof system. At some point, Michigan's harsh weather will make the most of an aging hall and it's time for a new roof.

Accidents and delays in repairs prompted the Pistons to move three seasons later to the Palace of Auburn Hills, a private 20,000-seat sports arena on the site of the old Joe Louis Arena, which closed in 2010 after more than 30 years of operation.

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