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Detroit is home to many things, but you'll be surprised to learn that the Great Lake State has many places that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math. From planetariums exploring the galaxy, aquariums exploring the oceans, institutes exploring everything else, to museums that have the future of science and technology in general in mind, we want to help you discover something new about the space we live in. Kalamazoo Valley Community College will provide many exciting opportunities for people to engage with science. Educational programs for all grades will showcase local innovation in a way that combines teaching and curriculum.

Flint Institute of Arts programs, including traveling exhibitions by well-known artists and educational programs for children and adults. From May 8, you can visit the museum for the first time for free at the Flint Museum of Natural History and Science.

Build a playhouse with John, Matilda and son Danny at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum or climb indoors and acquire outdoor skills in a workshop class. Enjoy the holiday season on a self-guided tour of the Flint Museum of Natural History and Science. Stroll through the building to visit Santa Claus, click on a harness, climb an indoor climbing tower and build playhouses with your son or Danny, all built by Ann Arbor's hands - a museum.

The Science Center offers a wide variety of exhibits and activities that will never get boring. The museum also teaches children topics for adults, which makes the experience exciting and interactive, and they also teach children topics for adults.

Across from the Science Center, the children show the universe around them by means of exhibits. At DIA, Diego Rivera's murals from the Detroit industry tell the story of the city, and the world is at our feet.

The lower exhibit also includes a collection of vehicles and machinery that show the history of the Detroit Auto Show and the automotive industry in the United States. In the basement are some of Detroit's most famous cars, such as the Ford Mustang and the Ford GT. It also shows a pair of GTS-R Vipers, with more antiquated racing technology.

You will experience a lot of exciting science, including a planetarium, and you will also have access to a list of toppers. The museum is housed in the old Chrysler Building, the former home of the Chrysler Group of America. With a collection of cars ranging from the Dodge Charger to the Chrysler 300, the Ford Mustang and the Ford GT, this museum manages to explore every era of Chrysler history. It is stocked with historic Chrysler cars, as well as a wall that marks the long and complex chain of acquisitions that took place after the first Hudson Dodge Brother car rolled off the line.

The Bronze Museum serves as a local educational spark that inspires the passion of innovators of all ages to visit precision models - 1: 1 models that represent the history of the Industrial Revolution. It was opened to the public in 1971 and designated a National Historic Landmark, making it the oldest museum of its kind in the United States.

But the company found the funds and started the reopening of the museum with a special staff celebration. That entrepreneurial spirit made Reid so exceptional that Michigan General Co. was selected as one of three companies - and Detroit lost operations in 1976, including a company called Flexible Products.

The theater is still on campus, but since 2003 it has been a separate unit of Oakland University and is part of the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Michigan and the Oakland County Museum of Art. While there, be sure to visit Legoland, the largest and most popular theme park in the world in Detroit. Travel back in time, touch living sea creatures, cross a suspension bridge, control a fighter jet and more.

Learn about the history of the Flint auto industry, walk under a waterfall, and then zoom around the moon at Michigan's largest planetarium. Snowmobile through a state-of-the-art simulator that brings Michigan and nature to life in the Globe Building in downtown Detroit.

Forget your guests for a vintage themed wedding at the Michigan Museum of Natural History in Auburn Hills. One of the most popular events in the history of the museum is held on the first floor and is open to the public.

Celebrate your wedding ceremony in the wedding gazebo in the green garden of the lake and then go to the reception for 300 guests. While you would probably hold your ceremony elsewhere, the Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit has a room that can accommodate up to 3,000 people for its annual wedding reception.

The Great Lakes Crossing offers some of the best dining experiences in the city, including a bar. Housed in a building in the Beaux Arts Building, the Grand Rapids Art Museum promotes cultural enrichment for visitors through art-changing exhibitions, travel, performance and exhibits, and educational programs.

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