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The Detroit Pistons are preparing to move out after 29 years, and the announcement is the first final word on the palace's fate, though it seemed inevitable when they announced their move to the city center. The palace property is being sold and is to be renovated, as the Free Press had previously reported.

Gary can provide impeccable catering services and I invite you to view his many pages of reviews and videos. Please contact my office to arrange a suitable time for the boss to visit our office and explore what his catering can offer your company for corporate parties and events. During this time we can discuss your event or party in great detail and give you the opportunity to browse through my beautifully designed color portfolio, view my stellar references and submit a written proposal. Invite me to meet with you, visit your facility or talk to your local event planner to learn about our gourmet and casual food offerings.

Let me know how I can help you create a very memorable event for you and those who are lucky enough to be able to attend. I encourage you to buy your tickets early as space for this magical event is limited and please do not order too long.

We plan to expand the first successful Prince Ball at the Auburn Hills Convention Center in 2014 with a second event in 2016. This is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to meet and experience magic and awe together at an unforgettable fairy tale princess ball. From engaging moments for children to interactive activities for adults to a full day of fun for the whole family, the Princess Ball is full of unique experiences that you will appreciate.

The Fairy Prince Ball is attended by some of the most popular and classic princesses, including Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel and Elsa's sister Ariel. Together, these characters will tell stories and interact with children in ways they have never liked before. This year's Fairy Prince Ball will involve the entire cast in the performance and tell romantic stories through singing, dancing and dramatic performances. Every year, the Frozen sisters play their new songs at the Fairytale Prince Ball, along with the favorites.

This royal presentation will stimulate the romantic imagination as we rediscover the beauty of place and time and sparkle in the eyes of children.

The Royal Princess Ball will be held on the grounds of the Auburn Hills Natural History Museum, for the few who enjoy the charming destination of the area and for those who love it. This magical event includes children dancing to the sounds of music, dance, music and dance, as well as food and entertainment for all.

Bob Seger from Michigan will perform at the Auburn Hills Natural History Museum on Saturday, June 18 at 7: 30 p.m. U2 will also perform at Michigan State University in Lansing on Sunday, July 2 at 6: 00 p.m.

The palace is widely considered to be the first modern NBA arena and its large number of luxury suites is one of the key factors in its success. Although the palace has become one of the oldest arenas in the NBA, its forward-looking design includes amenities that most NBA teams did not want when building new arenas.

In December 2005, the palace leased a new complex of luxury suites for 1.5 million dollars, with more than 1,000 luxury suites and suites with a capacity of 2,500 people for 450,000 dollars a year.

Noah prides itself on the versatility of its venues, and no event is like another where each customer can create their own vision. Noah's buildings are designed to be flexible enough to ensure that each event is exactly as it is imagined.

Some of these options include a full-service restaurant, bar, outdoor terrace and even an indoor / outdoor amphitheatre.

There are no restrictions to include any provider, including a caterer of your choice, without restriction. From the tempting appetizer buffet to the full-service restaurant, bar and outdoor terrace, you will find a variety of options that perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you are holding a princess ball in a magical setting or serving delicious snacks and treats, make sure each item is unique. We are a caterer from Michigan who turns every event location into a showplace, with a professional and courteous staff that treats every aspect to ensure your guests enjoy the festivities and fine dining. From Michigan to Ohio, our catering services provide customers who demand the best food and customer service, regardless of location. Gary's Catering works for parties, events and weddings and we work with all parties and events, from weddings to special events such as weddings and special occasions.

We recommend, but do not require, that your children come in their princely attire with dresses, hats, jewelry, crowns and other crowning things.

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